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Support us while you shop on Amazon!

With all the new restrictions rolling in every day, the already popular online shopping is going to be even more popular! We know you're going to do at least some shopping on Amazon, so why not support us while you do? It is super simple!


Here's How To Get Started:

  1. Go to AmazonSmile
  2. Click "Get Started"
  3. Sign in with your Amazon Account
  4. Search "The Arc Gloucester" and select us as your Charity (If you already have selected a charity, and would like to support us instead, follow the instructions below)
  5. Select "Yes," this explains you must sign into AmazonSmile for The Arc Gloucester to receive your donation
    • Note: You can fill your cart via the regular Amazon App on your phone, and then open your internet browser, and sign into AmazonSmile. Your cart will be filled with the same items from the app. If you purchase from there, we receive your donation!
  6. Bookmark the AmazonSmile page and do all your shopping there!


If you already have an AmazonSmile account, and have already selected a different charity, but wish to switch to The Arc Gloucester:

  1. Sign into AmazonSmile
  2. Click the AmazonSmile drop down, it will bring you to your dashboard
  3. Select "Change Charity"
  4. Repeat steps 4 and 5 above!
Shop & Give Back!

One Hope Wine and The Arc Gloucester continue to partner to bring you tasty, top-tier wines and the opportunity to support The Arc Gloucester with your purchase! 10% of every purchase through this link comes back to The Arc Gloucester! 

The Holidays are a wonderful time to stock up for gifts delivered to family and friends you can't see at this time. And, of course, grab some for yourself! Check out some of these awesome Holiday options!


  • Limited Edition Etched Sparkle Brut Bottles - add a logo, phrase or design to your special bottles! These make perfect gifts for friends and family!
  • Curated Mixed Packs - One-Click curated mixed packs specially created for you! And, if you love what you get, subscribe to the pack and receive a regular delivery so you never run out!

There are loads of options for you and your loved ones! Be sure to order now so you don't miss out!

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