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Day of Caring

Holman Automotive Support!

Holman Automotive joined The Arc Gloucester for a ‘day of caring’ on October 20th. Together they painted The Sunshine Inn at Camp Sun ‘N Fun. This building houses many of our activities and services. 

To align with one of Holman’s core pillars “together we do good for the community,” each employee gets to choose where they would like to volunteer for the day. “We look out for organizations that are taking care of others in the community,” said Mark MacGarvey, a Holman employee. 

The employees at Holman Automotive look forward to their day of volunteering in the community and not only do they give back to the community, but it is also a time when each employee can meet new people within the company. 

Thanks to the Holman Auto Group individuals at The Arc Gloucester have a beautiful space to enjoy during summer camp, for fun events like pocketbook bingo, important educational workshops, valuable staff trainings and so much more!  

If your company is looking for ways to get together and give back, please reach out to us at development@thearcgloucester.org for new and exciting ways to help the individuals we serve and the community as a whole.  


Click here to learn more about Holman's charitable giving: 


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