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A word from Jake J. Jones, CEO

Found also in the eNewsletter

We are extremely excited about the organizational trajectory of The Arc

First, we now have a new website! The platform is more
robust and interactive and will serve as a fantastic tool to help more
effectively engage with our communities, staff, and families. We
continue to strive for success during this difficult time; seeking ways to
improve our organization in this “new normal”.

We have kept a positive mental focus and continue to plow forward
implementing new programs, innovations, staff engagement tools,
improving our campuses, and adding new talent to our remarkable

This new environment has its challenges but also presents many
opportunities for success. We are encouraged to increase our reach and
boldly assert our vision as the architects of our own identity. No longer
are we having conversations about the difficulties that COVID has
presented. Instead, we are discussing augmentation and potential. For
us, COVID does not conjure a need to replace loss…rather it’s an
opportunity for this organization to evolve our identity through
empowerment and define our space.

“We are Essential” is the new mantra we embrace. The reality of being
an essential employer has taught us a new appreciation for the work
we do. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Yours Truly,
Jake J. Jones, CEO

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