Occasion Cakes


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Occasion Cakes

Chocolate Decadence ........ $39.95

Flourless and Gluten-Free

Chocolate Mousse ........ $43.95

Chocolate layers of cake and mousse covered in chocolate ganache

Raspberry Mousse ........ $43.95

Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, yellow cake and raspberry mousse

Strawberry Chantilly ........ $43.95

Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate chantilly cream, fresh cut strawberries

White Strawberry Chantilly ........ $43.95

Layers of yellow cake, chantilly cream, fresh cut strawberries

Passionfruit Mousse ........ $43.95

Layers of yellow cake and passionfruit mousse 

Tiramisu ........ $43.95

Coffee syrup soaked yellow cake, layers of whipped marscapone, shaved chocolate on top of lady fingers

Black Forest Cake ........ $43.95

Chocolate cake, chantilly cream, black cherries, cherry liquor

Black and White Mousse Cake ........ $43.95

Layers of dark and white chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, yellow cake and chantilly cream

Marzipan ........ $43.95

Layers of yellow cake and raspberry mousse, topped with marzipan

Strawberry Mille Feuille ....... $43.95

Layers of pastry and cream custard mixed with fresh cut strawberries, topped with caramelized sugar and sliced almonds on the sides

Hazelnut Cheesecake ........ $43.95

Hazelnut and traditional cheesecake layers with a hazelnut and oreo crust topped in a ganache glaze and and chocolate truffles

S'more Cake ....... $43.95

Chiffon cake layers with salted marshmallow buttercream and whipped ganache on a graham cracker crust and toasted meringue

Tres Leches ....... $43.95

Layers of yellow cake soaked in "three milks" --evaporated milk, condensed milk and whole milk--with Rompope, strawberries and whipped cream

Boston Cream ........ $35.00

Tender vanilla butter sponge cake filled with silky vanilla custard cream topped with a shiny chocolate ganache

Seasonal Pecan ........ $45.00

Pecan pie on the bottom, pumpkin pie in the middle and an apple upside-down cake on the top all layered together with cinnamon buttercream

Rainbow Fudge ........ $34.00

6 layers of rainbow colored vanilla cake with chocolate fudge frosting, topped with sprinkles

Hummingbird ........ $35.00

Banana, pineapple, and pecan make up this classic southern cake with sweet cream cheese icing

Flourless Chocolate Cake ....... $35.00

Dense, rich, and fudgy cake made without flour with vanilla bean meringue butter cream or your choice of icing

Coconut Angel Cake ........ $35.00

This airy cake is light as can be, triple layers with big almond coconut and cream cheese buttercream

Cassata ........ $40.00

Dense vanilla sponge cake soaked with Amaretto, filled with ricotta cheese, iced with fresh whipped cream and finished with almonds

Strawberry Shortcake ........$30.00

Dense vanilla sponge cake filled with fresh whipped cream and strawberries

Coconut Torte ........ $30.00

Vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and coconut finishing

Chocolate Chambord ........ $35.00

Chocolate chiffon cake soaked in raspberry syrup with chocolate raspberry mousse, finished off with a chocolate raspberry mirror

Almond Joy ........ $35.00

6 layers of rich dark chocolate cake filled and finished with coconut, almonds and dark chocolate buttercream


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