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Residential Services - Group Homes, Supervised Apartments, Supportive Living

Individuals who want to live on their own will be interested in The Arc Gloucester's residential programs. 

Our beautiful group homes are located in communities throughout Gloucester County.  The men and women who live in the home become a family; they discuss ideas and make decisions together, they share responsibilities, and they sometimes enjoy vacationing together.  But, residents also have their own areas in the house and have opportunities to enjoy activities on their own instead of part of a group. 

Family members and friends are always welcome and often stop by to visit or celebrate a special occasion.  Caring, well-trained employees are on-hand 24/7 to ensure a safe and secure environment. 

Individuals who are able to live more independently may be interested in supervised apartments.  In a supervised apartment setting individuals share the apartment, and the responsibilities or running a household, with just one other person.  Cooking, money management, grocery shopping and making arrangements for transportation are just a few of the things that the men and women who live in their own apartment manage daily.  An Arc Gloucester office is located in the apartment complex and is staffed around the clock; additionally employees carry a cell phone and can be accessed by residents any time night or day. 

Someone who would like to live independently in the community and who requires a minimal amount of support may want to consider The Arc Gloucester's Supportive Living program.  Individuals rent their own apartments in Gloucester County and receive assistance from The Arc Gloucester's staff on a limited basis.  One-on-one visits are scheduled weekly and The Arc Gloucester's employees are available via telephone 24 hours a day. 

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