Adult Services

At Home.  At Work.  At Play.  For more than sixty years The Arc Gloucester has been providing services and support in all areas of an individual's life, striving to meet the unique needs of each person and helping them to achieve success.  


The Arc Gloucester serves individuals with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families by offering programs in a myriad of different areas.   From residential programs to family support services, we strive to provide care that will enhance the quality of life for individual with developmental disabilities and offer support to families and caregivers. 

Please click below to learn more about the programs and services provided by The Arc Gloucester.

Day Habilitation

Our person-centered Day Habilitation program is designed to foster growth and development.  Our goal is to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I&DD) in achieving their goals, big or small, each day.  Through gaining new skills, participants can discover greater independence and express personal choice in their services.  We focus on developing and promoting:

  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Leisure Skills

Click here to learn more about the various Day Habilitation programs provided by The Arc Gloucester!

Pre-Vocational Training & Supported Employment

The Arc Gloucester provides learning and work experiences to help our consumers succeed in the community.  Participation in this program develops common workplace skills.  

Supported Employment is designed to help obtain and maintain a job in the general workforce.  Some of our consumers receive job training at our own businesses!

Click here for more information about vocational training and Supported Employment.  

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