In-Home Respite

In-Home Respite Program.  Trained qualified staff are scheduled to come to your home to provide care for your child or adult a few hours each time.  A maximum of twenty hours per month can be scheduled.  This can include during the day, after school, nights or weekends based on your individual needs.  A respite worker(s) will be assigned and they will be introduced to you and your family before the first respite is scheduled.  Respite workers can take care of all needs of each individual including: hygiene, preparing meals, and administering medications as well as provide activities based on each individual's preferences.  Emergency respite can be provided on limited basis. 

Tuckahoe Respite Program

Tuckahoe Respite Program.  Overnight respite on a planned or emergency basis is provided at Tuckahoe.  This program can provide services for up to eight individuals at a time.  Tuckahoe House is a fully accessible ranch style home located on our Camp Sun ‘N Fun property.  Each bedroom has a themed décor and there are many recreational and social activities planned for our guests both in and out of the house.  This may include trips into the community such as bowling, the movies, NJ State Aquarium, local parks, restaurants and more.  Tuckahoe often becomes "a vacation home away from home" for many of our guests.  The length of stay varies from 1-2 overnights to 1-2 weeks based on availability and the specific needs of each consumer.  

Saturday Drop-Off / Weekend Respite

This program offers parents and/or caregivers the opportunity to bring their child or adult for a six hour Saturday program full of activities based on their loved one's specific needs and interests.  Center based activities are often themed-based and include the holidays, seasons, special occasions such as Father's Day and Mother's Day.  Activities include arts and crafts, music and dance, cooking and baking, music and exercise videos and more.  Trips to the community are also planned and have included bowling, Cape May Zoo, local parks, shopping at the mail and eating at local restaurants.  Lunch and snacks are provided.  *New for children—two Friday evenings a month. 

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